How Medtronic employees are working to improve sustainability?

Medtronic employees

Take a look at how Medtronic employees working to improve sustainability

Medtronic employees – Shona Kamps noticed there was no central group at Medtronic to link people with a similar love for the environment when she initially tried to get involved with sustainability activities. 
In response, she teamed together with colleagues to create the Medtronic Environmental Action Group (EAG) from the ground up.

Medtronic employees

The EAG is now a vibrant resource for Medtronic employees who want to promote environmental sustainability at work and at home. The EAG grew to over 1,000 global members in its first seven months, and it continues to grow on a daily basis. 
Individual habits and structural improvements that can promote sustainability are being taught to colleagues and resources are being shared. Other areas of interest, according to Kamps, a business process optimization specialist, include reducing digital waste and socially responsible retirement investing.

Developing a community

The EAG sponsors a variety of events and speakers, as well as having members from all around the world. A team in Europe planted almost 3,500 trees in just one year. By 2025, they want to have planted 10,000 trees. 
Members say they’re in it for the long haul, with the objective of educating every employee on the importance of sustainability and how it affects their everyday work.

Continuing a commitment

Medtronic has a long history of being environmentally conscious. By the fiscal year 2030, the corporation has established a goal to be carbon neutral in its activities. Medtronic’s goal is to achieve zero emissions across the board by FY 2045. 
The EAG intends to help Medtronic achieve its ambitious sustainability goals in the future.