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HUYA Inc Integrates CSR Efforts into Live Streaming to Build a Diversified Content Ecosystem with Positive Social Impact


HUYA Inc CSR Efforts for Live Streaming

HUYA Inc – The company, in collaboration with the provincial disabled persons’ federation, the national public-raising foundation, NGOs, charitable talent agencies, and others, will provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to the anchors by assisting them in developing the skills and expertise required for the role.

 The innovative “live streaming-empowered” model has inspired and motivated a group of disabled streamers, including Qi Zai, who changed his life by becoming a game streamer, and Jin Kai, who has created a wonderful future for himself through his positive attitude and strong personality.

Huya has been successful in bringing large audiences’ attention to the importance of environmental protection and animal conservation by leveraging the innovative “live streaming-empowered” model in tandem with implementing its CSR initiatives globally.

Huya launched the “Protect Our Home Planet” campaign in 2022, in collaboration with domestic and international NGOs such as TRAFFIC, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), with the goal of raising public awareness about preventing and resisting illegal wildlife trade online, as well as promoting harmony between humans and nature.


With Huya’s international business — Nimo TV — allocating advantageous resources to Southeast Asia and the MENA markets, Huya intends to collaborate with domestic and international partners to diversify and expand these CSR initiatives, in order to increase the engagement of domestic and international users through the application of the “live streaming-empowered” model.

When the night falls, even the smallest light matters, and by working together, everyone can step up to the plate and deliver extraordinary value. “We are looking forward to developing a social good model for the company that involves the platform itself, broadcasters, talent agencies, users, volunteers, and non-governmental organisations so that we can all participate more in our CSR initiatives,” Li Meng added.