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I Have Community: T-Mobile Pride Spotlight

T-Mobile-Pride Spotlight

T-Mobile Pride Spotlight by employees

T-Mobile Pride Spotlight – A partner, according to Brantley Clark (He/Him). female father. an LGBTQ male. a man of colour a black trans dude. If you ask him what Pride means to him, he can express all of it in one sentence with absolute clarity. 
He will say, “Progressive Individualism.” I cherish those two phrases close to my heart during Pride. 
The global care business support manager from the T-Mobile Wichita Customer Experience Center claims that these two words not only allow for the many facets of his own distinctive identity, but also serve as an invitation to those who may have not always felt included under the Pride banner. 
From a cultural standpoint, everyone has this epiphanic experience in June, but I travel this path every day, not just then, says Brantley. And it’s a daily step in the correct way for you as a person. 
Despite his family’s lack of support, Brantley said it was immediately evident when he started working at T-Mobile that he could be in what he called “a long-term relationship” with the company.

T-Mobile Pride Spotlight

I didn’t have to bring that past history with me when I entered global care as B, as Brantley, he continues. “It really hit home for me when I was in a position where I had the financial resources, the perks, the insurance, and many other supporting aspects, and I recognized that T-Mobile is a place that I could dedicate myself to. I was able to control my appearance and how I came across to the outside world thanks to T-Mobile, and that enabled me to balance my internal and outward selves. 
Brantley claims that he is particularly concerned with trans visibility at T-Mobile and everywhere this Pride. 
He says, “I have a seat on this Pride jet. But do we regularly check seatbelts to make sure everyone is fastened? Are we verifying that everyone listed on the manifest is truly on board? 
He claims to be a leader in his local Pride ERG chapter and that, being the first trans person on the advisory council, he feels a duty to pave the way for others to follow and join him. 
There aren’t many leaders who resemble me, he claims, from an LGBTQIA+ standpoint. I’ve been living by the motto, “We’re going to do the work to get it done, even if it means I have to be the face for people, this year.