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IBM To Help Build New Climate Action Center in New York City


IBM To Help Build New Climate Action Center in NY

IBM – Today, we are honored to announce that the City of New York has chosen us, along with Stony Brook University, to anchor “The New York Climate Exchange,” a world-class climate solutions center on Governors Island in New York City’s harbor.

The Exchange will be a first-of-its-kind worldwide hub for discovering and delivering innovative solutions to our global climate challenge by bringing together a broad coalition of partners. It will also serve as a center for New Yorkers to profit from the fast expanding green economy by doing the following:

Creating a 400,000-square-foot green laboratory

Creating an Accelerator for Research and Technology

Promoting community development and alliances, such as 6,000 green job trainees every year, grant possibilities, academic programs, and the formation of a Citizens’ Advisory Council

This collaboration touches three key aspects of IBM’s DNA: our connection to New York, as well as our dedication to sustainability and education. IBM has a lengthy history with New York City and the state of New York. It is where we manufacture the mainframe computers that power the global economy, where IBM’s first quantum computing factory is located, and where we just announced a $20 billion investment plan to extend the technological ecosystem.


The Exchange carries on the heritage of harnessing technology to put environmental aspiration into action. Over the course of five years, IBM will contribute the technology, skills training, and research resources required to assist identify climate solutions that prioritize justice and fairness, including:

We will participate in research projects led by The Exchange. IBM researchers have already contributed to programming workstreams and highlighted our work in geospatial analytics and foundation models for climate.

Programmes with a social impact: The Exchange’s research program will include the IBM Sustainability Accelerator, a pro-bono social impact initiative that uses IBM technologies to enhance and expand programs focusing on communities susceptible to environmental concerns.

Skills development: We will supply sustainability as well as technology.

As the world responds to climate change, this program addresses the need for cross-sector collaboration and deep research to support our collective efforts. This is also consistent with IBM’s commitment to deliver our technologies, including AI and hybrid cloud, to academics, governments, institutions, and other partners in order to accelerate climate research and generate viable climate change solutions.

We are excited to work with the city of New York and Stony Brook University to create this world-class climate center, which will ensure that the communities most impacted by climate change are at the core of its solutions.