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Innovative Girl Scouts Rewarded by Arrow Electronics with a Ride in a SAM Car

Innovative Girl Scouts

Innovative Girl Scouts Rewarded by Arrow Electronics

Innovative Girl Scouts – In order to better people’s lives and spur change, Arrow Electronics has a well-established reputation for working with the world’s greatest innovators. Now the corporation can include a 12-year-old from Colorado in that list. 
Girl Scout Myla Clemetsen won the top honor in the Cookie Box Innovation Challenge, which was sponsored by Arrow and aimed to inspire members of the Girls Scouts of Colorado to create prototypes out of recycled materials that would benefit their community. People with poor fine motor skills can use Clemetsen’s magnetically powered glove to draw, write, eat, or even just grasp a piece of paper. The “Helping Hand Glove” was the name she gave to her creation. 
Joe Verrengia, the director of global corporate social responsibility at Arrow, stated, “It’s inspiring to see the kind of ideas these Girl Scouts have made, and we’re interested to see what they continue to produce in the future.”

Innovative Girl Scouts

Arrow gave Clemetsen the chance to operate its semi-autonomous motorcar, or SAM Car, which, like the Helping Hand Glove, was created to help give disabled people more control and independence. This was done to recognize Clemetsen’s ingenuity. Sam Schmidt, a former IndyCar driver who was rendered paralyzed from the shoulders down in a racing accident in 2000, requested that Arrow develop the vehicle for him. Schmidt uses voice controls and head controls to navigate the modified Chevrolet Corvette’s smart, linked automobile. 
“It is encouraging to know that my idea can achieve the same after seeing how the SAM Car’s concept became a reality. Making my idea become a product that is so beneficial to others was a terrific experience. Perhaps one day it will have the same impact on people’s life as the SAM automobile,” Clemtsen mused. 
With the Arrow Innovation Challenge, which honors initiatives that use technology to improve life, Arrow also hopes to encourage other Girl Scouts to follow Clemetsen’s lead. For initiatives that earn Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards, the corporation will give out cash prizes. 
The business has previously collaborated with the Innovative Girl Scouts of Colorado to assist the organization’s members in earning technology-related badges, and has even hosted robotics workshops at its headquarters in the Denver region.