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Inogen Alliance Welcomes 2 New Board Members

Inogen Alliance

Inogen Alliance Welcomes New Board Members

Inogen Alliance is happy to announce the appointment of two new members to our Board of Directors: Nicolas Pycke of Antea Group France and Rene Sloof from Antea Group Netherlands (following Menno Smits) (replacing Pascal Voyeau).

The Alliance’s Board of 11 Directors, which consists of four directors from the Asia Pacific region, four from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, one from South America, and two from North America, are also stockholders in the organisation. The remaining four are top executives within their enterprises, and seven of the 11 are the Managing Directors of their respective businesses. The Board has 18% women on it. A charter, an anti-bribery and ethics policy, and an ESG policy control the Board. The Finance Committee and Governance Committee within the Board assure moral and consistent.

Peylina Chu, who has served as the Board’s chair since 2018, claims “I’m thrilled to welcome two new people to the Inogen Alliance Board of Directors. As we look to the future of EHS and ESG to better serve our international clients, it is critical to maintain new and diverse ideas within the leadership of the Alliance. Along with their extraordinary knowledge and commitment to advancing our work, the team’s zeal is motivating “.

Inogen Alliance

Mechanical engineering is Rene Sloof’s area of expertise, and he specializes in engineering and building. He specialises in emergency response and fire safety, and has 20 years of expertise in industrial safety consulting. He oversees industrial safety at Antea Group Netherlands as a project manager.

As a member of the Inogen Alliance network, Rene Sloof says, “I find myself among extremely smart and very capable people to take up this duty and make a difference. We have a tremendous challenge ahead of us in making this world viable.”

Nicolas Pycke is a Project Director at Antea Group France with 20 years of experience in the field, including 8 years in Melbourne, Australia. He specializes in contaminated land/due diligence. His responsibility is to assist French businesses working on overseas initiatives. This can include cleanup activities as well as environmental phase 1/phase 2 for due diligence. Since 2017, Nick has collaborated with Inogen Alliance partners. The Alliance makes it possible for Antea Group France to assist French clients on global initiatives.