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Kate Spade NewYork and Kate Spade NewYork Foundation Empower Women and Girls

Kate Spade NewYork Foundation

Kate spade NewYork Foundation Empowering Women

Kate spade NewYork Foundation – For more than ten years, Kate spade NewYork has centered its social impact goal on empowering women and girls with an emphasis on mental health as a business that is owned and operated by and for women. In FY2021, the company and foundation financed over 20 groups that served over 12,000 women and girls. By 2025, Kate Spade NewYork plans to provide 100,000 women and girls with access to resources for empowerment and mental health, as well as to lessen stigma and raise awareness. Kate Spade NewYork took part in the Born This Way Foundation’s annual #bekind21 campaign, which encourages 21 days of kindness to promote mental wellness, in order to fulfil this pledge in FY2021.  

Kate spade NewYork Foundation

On Intent

The Kate Spade New York brand’s on purpose social entrepreneurship project, now in its eighth year, aims to empower women and make investments in their communities and families through its supply chain. The on purpose line is a collaboration between kate spade new york and Abahizi Rwanda, a women-owned, certified B Corp handbag maker. Abahizi Rwanda, a company based in Masoro, Rwanda, seeks to empower its employees by providing them with full-time work and life skills training that includes counselling, health education, financial literacy, and healthcare for themselves and their families. Abahizi Rwanda employed 230 women in FY2021, accounting for 90% of the employees, and generated 20,000 handbags. The Grace Institute, Per Scholas, and Rising Tide are just a few of the groups that get funding from the Kate Spade NewYork Foundation for their work empowering women and girls.

Working in collaboration with the Lower East Side Girls Club

For FY2021, the Lower East Side Girls Club Center for Wellness and Happiness received funding from the Kate Spade New York Foundation. The local community and the families of the girls they serve can get wellness treatments from this centre. The kate spade newyork company collaborated with the girls to construct a “She Is” mural in March 2021 to honour International Women’s Day. This mural was painted at the school and has now spread around New York City and on our social media platforms.