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KeyBank Makes $2 Lac Grant in Support of Jannus, Inc. Programs to Aid Immigrants in Idaho


KeyBank Makes $200,000 Grant in Support of Jannus, Inc.

KeyBank – A $200,000 donation from KeyBank has been given to Jannus, Inc., the organization in charge of running the Idaho Office for Refugees (IOR), which works to advance racial and economic fairness for refugees and immigrants in Idaho. Global Gardens and Global Talent are two of IOR’s activities that will be supported by the KeyBank award.

The mission of Global Gardens, an urban agriculture training programme for refugee farmers, is to reduce neighbourhood food poverty while generating agricultural jobs and companies by providing land, water, and infrastructure at five farm sites. The programme provides small-scale farmers with access to the Boise food economy through direct-to-consumer sales and combined wholesale programmes for restaurants and cafeterias. Farmers are taught lean farming techniques to conserve water and soil.

The goal of Global Talent is to support immigrants and refugees with college degrees who reside in Idaho in beginning or reclaiming their professional careers. A nationwide curriculum, training materials, and one-on-one career coaching sessions are available to participants. The program’s objective is to get participants ready for high-caliber professional roles that will lead to self-sufficiency.


According to Scott Schlange, president of KeyBank Idaho, “the work of Jannus and the Idaho Office of Refugees through these initiatives is aiding immigrants by giving the resources, training, and additional assistance needed to help them transcend poverty and realise the American dream.” It is our pleasure to support Jannus and the significant work they are doing through the Global Gardens and Global Talent programmes. At KeyBank, we are committed to giving back in ways that strengthen our communities.

Jannus believes that these initiatives will help Idaho communities by increasing access to local, fresh produce, as well as provide companies with a larger local talent pool of highly qualified job prospects.

Hannah Roche, manager of Global Talent, said, “We’re really thrilled to have help from KeyBank to actually address gaps that we’ve noticed over the years. For instance, we’ll develop a business English course for Global Talent participants to improve their capacity to succeed at work.

The community garden, which is within the boundaries of Boise and is located in a low-income neighbourhood, will be developed thanks to this award, according to Rabiou Manzo, who has overseen Global Gardens for the previous three seasons. “People will receive fresh veggies as a result, and greenhouse gases will be reduced. Farmers will pick up methods to boost productivity and reduce food waste. This, we hope, will improve racial and economic justice for displaced farmers in Idaho.”