KKR 2021 Sustainability Report – Driving Value Creation

KKR 2021 Sustainability Report

KKR 2021 Sustainability Report: Driving Value Creation

KKR 2021 Sustainability Report – When we invest in a firm, we make use of our investment strategy and our attention to tactical and strategic advancements to generate value on ESG concerns across all of our assets, where appropriate. Ad hoc interaction, tools, resources, and access to a network of specialists are all included in this.

KKR 2021 Sustainability Report

We believe there are three topics that are crucial for all of our portfolio companies, regardless of sector or geography, even though we take a materiality-driven approach to identify business-relevant issues and engage with portfolio companies on a wide range of issues in line with our Global Ambitions: 
Data responsibility  
Human Capital 
Each portfolio firm may also address ESG issues that are pertinent to them based on their industry, the environment in which they operate, and their stakeholders, frequently working with KKR 2021 Sustainability Report .