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Accelerate Market Leadership With AI-powered Digital Transformation

AI-powered Digital Transformation

Accelerate Market Leadership with AI-powered Digital Transformation

AI-powered Digital Transformation – The coveted award of “Company Of The Year 2022” in the IT services category went to Cigniti Technologies, the top provider of AI & IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services, at the Outlook Business Spotlight’s Business Icons Awards 2022, held on November 25th in Hyderabad. The prize honors and rewards achievement in leadership, creativity, and innovation in business.

AI-powered Digital Transformation

The experience of winning an honor

“It is a wonderful time for Cigniti Technologies as I take the Outlook Business Icon Award for the “Company of the Year” in the IT services category for our Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services,” said Mr. C V Subramanyam, chairman and managing director of Cigniti. This award honours the work of more than 4100 Cignitians worldwide, and I want to thank my entire Cigniti family for their contributions. Such honours reaffirm our commitment to building a billion dollar business.

A practical and people-focused individual, Mr. C V Subramanyam connects a wide range of individuals with his genuine approach on life. He holds a legal degree, a postgraduate business management diploma, and a commerce bachelor’s degree.

One of the top transport and logistics firms in South India, which has been operating successfully for more than 25 years, was cofounded by Mr. Subramanyam.

His road to success began in 1998 when he established Chakkilam Infotech as an organisation offering IT services. Cigniti Technologies Ltd. was formed in January 2012 by the merger of Chakkilam Infotech and Cigniti Inc. of the USA. In order to move up to third place among independent software testing service providers internationally, the company also acquired Gallop Solutions in 2013.

Cigniti expanded its selection of digital engineering services through the strategic acquisition of Aparaa Digital (RoundSqr), a pioneer in AI/ML, Data, and Blockchain Engineering, in 2022.

Now, Mr. Subramanyam wants to build a $1 billion digital engineering services company that focuses on quality. Through Project Cignificance, a Cigniti CSR effort that prioritises sustainability, healthcare, and education, he is also deeply committed to giving back to society.