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Leidos Energy Efficiency Partnerships Expand Program Reach

Leidos Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Leidos Energy Efficiency Partnerships – Utility energy efficiency programmes constantly have to work towards higher energy savings targets, which is made more difficult by a declining market of participants attracted by conventional marketing strategies. To find and engage new clients, this has prompted interest in more creative programme outreach techniques. Utilities are finding success by working with community partners who can broaden programme reach and boost customer engagement—aspects that can be crucial to the objectives and ambitions of an energy saving programme.

Leidos Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Exemplary methods for community collaborations

The success of utility outreach initiatives can be increased by cultivating partnerships with community partners, who offer more genuine consumer connections. Making energy efficiency a priority can be done creatively by utilising partners’ core strengths and coming up with original strategies as opposed to using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Organisations based in the community

To better serve their consumers, a growing number of utilities are focusing on delivering greater equity within energy efficiency programmes. Engagement with these partners is critical to interacting with historically underrepresented audiences, whether it’s supporting the aims of community-based organisations or cooperating on an issue. Approaching these connections with an understanding of the partner’s objective is critical to adopting energy efficiency efficiently.

Ameren Illinois, in collaboration with implementation partner Leidos, is collaborating with a number of community-based organisations to promote energy efficiency to all. A collaboration with the Peoria Guild of Black Artists (PGOBA) delivers resources and energy efficiency instruction to African-American communities in the Ameren Illinois service zone. They collaborated to create three murals in Peoria as a creative spark to get people thinking and talking.

Ameren Illinois and Leidos created an internship programme that provides scholarships through community colleges in Illinois to help train the next generation of Construction Management and HVAC professionals as part of their mission to develop a diverse workforce within the energy efficiency industry. Furthermore, a collaboration with the Minority Business Development Centre has aided in the training of dozens of minority-owned contractors in office services and the placement of job seekers in energy efficiency employment.

Hawaii Energy and programme implementor Leidos collaborate with established nonprofits to improve the welfare of underprivileged residents through the implementation of programmes geared to low-to-moderate income neighbourhoods. These partnerships help recruit energy efficiency programme participants, collect payments for, and organise deliveries of new equipment by providing “boots on the ground” support in these communities.

Clean energy stakeholders

As more states embrace clean energy objectives, greater emphasis will be placed on the role of utility energy efficiency programmes in successfully meeting these goals. Many utilities are exploring collaborations with organisations with complementary purposes to boost their electrification and clean energy programmes. Collaboration with clean energy stakeholders provides the chance to examine the industry landscape, exchange ideas and skills, and identify common ground in reaching statutory environmental goals.

The state of Hawaii has been trying to achieve 100 percent renewable energy generation by 2045. Hawaii Energy and its energy efficiency programme implementer, Leidos, are on board with this lofty target. Hawaii Energy and the Blue Planet Foundation are working together to make Hawaii a model renewable energy state.

Trade partners

Creating community alliances with trade allies such as contractors, architects, engineers, vendors, manufacturers, and retailers aids energy efficiency programmes in meeting savings targets and portfolio-wide objectives. Strong collaborations with trade partners help raise energy efficiency awareness in a community. Furthermore, trade partners serve as an extension of the programme implementation team, assisting consumers in completing energy saving projects and using any utility incentives.

While most utilities recognise the value of collaborating with trade partners, National Grid and implementer Leidos take a different strategy that results in more collaboration. Projects with large commercial and industrial customers can be difficult, with many beginning with a facilities audit to discover opportunities. National Grid and Leidos invite the trade partner to engage in these activities.

Building community partnerships benefits both the utility and the organisations with whom it works. This collaboration increases knowledge, trust, and resources available to attract new consumers and generate long-term improvements in the areas they serve by leveraging the strengths of each partner.

With 35 years of expertise in the energy industry, Leidos specialises in collaborating with community partners to enhance energy efficiency education and inspire action. Our professionals have vast expertise working with community partners to engage residential, commercial, and industrial consumers across utility service boundaries. Contact our team for more information on Leidos and our programme implementation experience.