Liberty Latin America – Mission Week Volunteer Initiative Delivers for Communities Across Region

Liberty Latin America

Liberty Latin America – ‘Mission Week’ Volunteer Initiative

As part of its third annual Mission Week volunteer programme, Liberty Latin America Ltd. is pleased with the contribution its staff members have made. On December 5, 2022, employees from all over the region came together to participate in the United Nations International Volunteer Day. They volunteered over 7,000 hours. The Company’s four Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars—Learning, Environment, Access, and Disaster Relief—were supported by activities.

From December 5 to December 9, 2022, nearly 1,700 employees from 20 different nations joined forces to support communities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Liberty Latin America’s staff members gave more than 7,000 hours of in-person and online volunteer work as a result of this project. Over 7,300 students were involved in the events, which also included the planting of more than 1,200 trees, the collection of more than 5,800 pounds of trash in favour of environmental sustainability, and the donation of more than 470 electronic gadgets to increase access to the internet.

Liberty Latin America

“Liberty Latin America’s Mission Week is an essential effort where our staff from around the region get together to make a difference in our local communities,” said Michael Coakley, VP, Head of Communications, Liberty Latin America. Our donations increase yearly, and more employees participate in our CSR initiatives that promote education, environmental protection, enabling digital access, and disaster assistance. This demonstrates who we are as a company and our dedication to giving back to the areas in which we reside and conduct business. I’m grateful to everyone who joyfully gave of their time to improve the lives of thousands of individuals in our community.

The chance is presented through Mission Week at Liberty Latin America.