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Logitech and World Vision Partnership Support Communities in Need

World Vision

Logitech and World Vision are Supporting Communities

World Vision – Teachers from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) recently had the chance to choose Logitech products for their classrooms in order to outfit thousands of students with the newest computer accessories, from speakers and headphones to keyboards and mice, giving them the tools they need for in-person and online learning.

Prakash Arunkundrum, global head of operations and sustainability at Logitech, said, “This is a fantastic chance for Logitech to give back in a meaningful and sustainable way, with hundreds of children benefiting by using high performance learning devices in the classroom.”

The relationship between Logitech and World Vision, a nonprofit organisation that supports children, families, and communities all across the world, officially begins on October 12 in Chicago. In the beginning, Logitech donated more than $1 million worth of goods, more than half of which came from its gaming brands Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming. Additionally offered were streaming and personal workspace products from Logitech.

World Vision

The first IT company to donate to World Vision what is regarded as “open box” merchandise is Logitech. These completely functional products, which frequently have damaged packaging or may be returned items, could instead be recycled before the end of their useful lives. This approach sustainably extends the lifecycle for the benefit of the environment, communities, and schools.

Arunkundrum explains, “We are able to extend the lifecycle of our open box products in a way that is friendly to the environment. “We encourage any technology businesses who are able to do this to join us, as we consider it as a valuable investment in decreasing their own carbon footprint, as well as offering high-quality educational opportunities for those in need,” the statement continued.

With a goal to end extreme poverty in our lifetime, World Vision is a reputable humanitarian organisation with 70 years of expertise in local communities around the globe. The business employs about 35,000 people worldwide and operates in close to 100 nations across every continent, including the United States.

Highlights from the event will be shared on Logitech and World Vision’s social media outlets.