Los Padres National Forest – Preserving and Protecting

Los Padres National Forest

Preserving Los Padres National Forest

A group of Southern California Edison and Edison International employees set out on a walk into the Los Padres National Forest in Ojai, California, on a cloudy late spring Saturday. The trailhead was bordered with scorched oak tree trunks, memories of a wildfire that raged through the nearby hamlet. 
The purpose of the group was to help prevent another wildfire by collecting rubbish from one of the county’s most popular trails and removing illegal fire rings that posed a fire threat.  
“This is a really popular trail,” said Ari Songer, programme manager for the Los Padres Forest Association, which was created in 1979 with the goal of preserving and protecting the forest. “Due to the popularity of the area, there is an excessive amount of rubbish, graffiti, and illegal fire rings.” Such events are critical to preserving the forest ecosystem’s safety and integrity.” 
Since 2018, Edison International has donated funding to the Los Padres Forest Association, including grants to restore Ventura County pathways and offer wildfire mitigation near local campgrounds. The foundation arranged the day’s event in collaboration with SCE’s EcoIQ, an employee resource group dedicated to environmental stewardship. 
The group picked up and hauled out about 60 pounds of trash along the nearly seven-mile Punchbowl trail, which is named after the pristine natural slides and pools it leads to. Trash included everything from clothing and fast-food containers to aluminium cans and glass bottles. 
With a smile, Claire Zeng, Edison International’s Financial Analysis advisor, advised visitors to bag their waste and take it with them. The hikers were happy to oblige on this particular day. The rest of the team quickly followed suit, offering their garbage bags to anyone in need of a trash can. 
Nolan Kelleher, chair of community services at SCE’s EcoIQ, remarked, “We live in the communities we serve.” “One of our objectives is to give opportunity for our staff.” 
The volunteers kept an eye out for ash, charred wood chips, or other markings along the trail as they walked. Due to the dry land conditions and strong winds in the area, these typically reveal evidence of illegal fire rings, which can lead to huge wildfires. The spaces surrounding the fire rings are frequently cluttered as well.

Los Padres National Forest

The gang returned to the trailhead, where they dumped many huge trash bags in dumpsters near the trail’s entrance. Incoming hikers paused to express gratitude for the group’s efforts. The volunteers graciously agreed. As they climbed into their trucks, they warned the hikers, “Just remember to take your rubbish out with you.” 
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