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MAC Cosmetics Partners With Burghàlie Academy To Support Under-Resourced Youth in the Arts

Burghàlie Academy

This fall, M.A.C Cosmetics was pleased to collaborate with The Burghàlie Academy of Visual Arts on a number of events, most recently supporting the Atlanta Art Awards Fashion Gala. Burghàlie Academy is a non-profit organization that advocates for underserved adolescents by providing them with access to education, youth development activities, and other healthy alternatives to behavioral difficulties. Burghàlie’s programming is based on art and fashion, with an emphasis on the former.

M.A.C.’s collaboration with Burghàlie began at the end of August, when the brand hosted a Global Masterclass for a group of the Academy’s up-and-coming cosmetic Artists at M.A.C.’s Global Headquarters. The masterclass was presented by Romero Jennings, Director of Makeup Artistry, and was designed to inspire the Academy’s makeup artists ahead of their New York Fashion Week show. Following the Masterclass, each Burghàlie Artist received a gift bag including crucial M.A.C goods to replenish their kits.

Burghàlie Academy

M.A.C. continued to promote Burghàlie Academy’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week. The show’s sponsorship by M.A.C. demonstrated the brand’s dedication to increased diversity and representation in fashion and beauty.

M.A.C. sponsored the Atlanta Art Awards Fashion Gala, a benefit for The Burghàlie Academy, in early November. The event included a runway show, a silent auction, and an award presentation. Sharryn Hinchliffe, Executive Director of Makeup Artistry, attended the event and delivered the Makeup Artist of the Year award. She also spoke on behalf of the brand, underlining M.A.C.’s dedication to giving the next generation of artists the opportunity to develop their Artistry abilities.