MAC Cosmetics Announces Support for Plastics for Change Tied to Its Longstanding Back-to-MAC Takeback Program This Earth Day

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics – Support for Plastics for Change

MAC Cosmetics is pleased to announce a $100,000 commitment to Plastics for Change, a reliable source of fair trade-verified recycled plastic, in honor of Earth Day. This partnership with Plastics for Change supports the long-standing MAC purpose of its Back-To-MAC takeback initiative, which strives to minimize plastic waste on the world.

As part of its Back-To-MAC efforts, MAC’s donation will enable the collection of over 550,000 pounds of plastic (equivalent to 12,500,000 plastic bottles) from the coast of India, while also providing a variety of social services to approximately 200 plastic collectors and their communities for a year.

“We’re so pleased that MAC Cosmetics, an influencer in the beauty industry, GETS IT!” says Shifrah Jacobs, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Plastics for Change. Plastic recycling is an investment not just in new technology, but also in the inclusive development of the people who pick up plastic, who are an important part of the ecosystem. We’re excited about what this collaboration can do in terms of strengthening grassroots communities.”

“MAC has always believed in and fostered the power of community to transform society and bring about meaningful change,” says M.A.C. Chief Marketing Officer Ada Moudachirou-RĂ©bois. Working with Plastics for Change allows us to do so in a variety of ways, from collecting plastic to assisting collectors and their communities along India’s coast.

MAC Cosmetics

This collaboration with Plastics for Change also reflects M.A.C VIVA GLAM’s long-standing aim of enabling individuals to impact society. Plastics for Change has a social effect via recycling at the local level while also assisting industry in transitioning to a circular economy. Education, healthcare, nourishment for families, entrepreneurship, and empowerment of young women and girls are among the social services provided by Plastics for Change to plastic collectors.

Back-To-M.A.C. was founded over 30 years ago with the goal of reducing the environmental effect of its packaging by recycling or recovering as much of the brand’s distinctive packaging as possible, and the program is still evolving and improving today.

When consumers are through with their MAC products, they may return clean, empty containers to designated green Back-To-MAC collection boxes placed around the country.

In countries where MAC conducts the Back-To-MAC takeback program, it collaborates with top suppliers to recycle recovered packaging, which is then used to manufacture new materials such as coffee machines, highways, and, depending on the area, new MAC compacts. What can’t be recycled is turned into energy.

The Back-To-MAC takeback program and strategic worldwide alliances that promote the environment at the community level assist MAC in minimizing excess trash while contributing to a more beautiful tomorrow – now.