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Medtronic recognized as one of 3BL 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2022

3BL 100 Best Corporate Citizens

Medtronic Named to 3BL 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2022

3BL 100 Best Corporate Citizens – Medtronic has been selected to 3BL Media’s annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens list, which honours excellent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) transparency and performance among the 1,000 largest publicly traded corporations in the United States. Medtronic has been listed in the annual ranking for the sixth year in a row, moving from #71 in 2021 to #41 this year. 
Since 2008, Medtronic has used well-known and broadly recognized disclosure standards and frameworks to publicly report our ESG performance and development. In FY21, we focused our ESG efforts on problems such as protecting the environment, speeding healthcare technology access, and increasing inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E). And, since the beginning of FY22, we’ve increased our obligations and are playing a bigger role.

Directly linking ID&E performance to executive leadership’s annual reward plan (3BL 100 Best Corporate Citizens)

  • Introducing our first public-facing innovation target — by FY25. Products released in the last three years will account for 20% of sales.
  • Setting a target to be carbon neutral in our operations by FY30 and stating our goal to reach net zero emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3 by FY2045 (FY45).
  • Climate change, employee relations, environmental, finance, governance, human rights, stakeholders and society, and ESG performance are among the 155 ESG elements used to select the 100 Best Corporate Citizens.

“In this critical decade, all firms must fully embed ESG issues into the core of their business,” stated Dave Armon, CEO of 3BL Media. “By proving the societal and bottom-line value of leadership and transparency around ESG topics, the 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2022 are answering the call.” They’re setting big goals, laying out solid plans to achieve them, sharing data to track progress, and taking into account all stakeholders in business decisions.” 
Medtronic is still known around the world for its ethics, environmental leadership, and dedication to being an employer of choice. Here are a few of the international accolades Medtronic has already won in 2022: