Mondelēz International Advances Its “Snacking Made Right” ESG Goals

Mondelēz International

The Fiscal Year 2022 Snacking Made Right Report was released by Mondelez International, Inc. (Nasdaq: MDLZ), furthering progress on its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and carrying out the company’s mission to steer the future of snacking.

The report is a component of the company’s larger effort to enhance and accelerate its sustainability vision of contributing to the development of a world where people and the environment coexist in harmony and to provide transparent, quantifiable information to its stakeholders on its ESG goals, policies, initiatives, and programmes.

The business included sustainability as the fourth pillar of its long-term growth strategy last year. This report demonstrates the progress Mondelez International has made towards creating a more sustainable snack company that will support innovation and faster long-term growth while being anchored in the interests of its stakeholders.

As we confidently enter our second decade as a responsible, high-growth, pure-play global snacking company, Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International, stated, “We are prioritising key areas of Snacking Made Right so we can drive innovative, more sustainable growth the right way for people and the planet.” “In a period of great change and difficulties, I am delighted that at Mondelez International, we are moving closer to realising our ambition. We

The Snacking Made Right report for this year shows the company’s progress towards its 2025 objectives, which include sourcing more environmentally friendly ingredients, assisting in the fight against climate change, improving packaging, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, and assisting clients, coworkers, and communities.

Mondelēz International

The company achieved significant progress in the last year towards its 2025 objectives, including:

concentrating on more environmentally friendly methods of obtaining important materials, reducing climate impact, upholding human rights, and improving packaging design for recycling.


Increasing the depth and diversity of our talent pool while making significant progress towards our worldwide DEI goals for coworkers, communities, and culture.

Expanding our portfolio as we work to accommodate a variety of consumer nutrition and well-being preferences, while encouraging portion control and an active lifestyle.

With approximately 230,000 farmers participating as of the end of 2022, Mondelez International continued to be a leader in promoting ethical cocoa production through Cocoa Life, our internationally recognised programme for sustainable cocoa production. The business also revealed the Cocoa Life program’s second phase, which will be supported by an additional $600 million through 2030 for a total investment of $1 billion since the program’s inception. The program’s goals are to work with over 300,000 farmers by 2030 and accelerate its impact.

Christine Montenegro McGrath, Senior Vice President and Chief Global Impact and Sustainability Officer at Mondelz International, stated, “We are completely committed to going further and faster in terms of sustainable growth and impact.” We are also putting a longer-term focus on working toward our 2050 goals of net zero carbon and packaging waste by supporting circular economies. Building on our public goals for 2025, we have bold and targeted long-term ambitions that help us focus, accelerate, and scale our efforts.”