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Moomoo Sharing News of Making Wishes Come True for Four Children in Need


Moomoo Making Wishes Come True for 4 kids in Need

[3/2, 16:01] Mummy Ji: After the initial four “wish children” news that moomoo revealed last month, the top tech-driven financial services platform moomoo recently shared a second group of making wishes come true news of four “wish children” from Australia, the United States of America, Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore.

[3/2, 16:02] Mummy Ji: 18-year-old Chairalis from Texas received dental care from moomoo and Make-A-Wish that repaired the damage done to her lovely teeth as a result of her treatment, restoring them to their former beauty. Now Chairalis has regained her smile and self-assurance.

Williem, a 10-year-old Australian boy from New South Wales who adores game shows and bingo, was given the opportunity to host his very own game show.

Yee Ching, a 14-year-old from Hong Kong, is an avid follower of BLACKPINK. Yee was able to fulfil her dream of attending a BLACKPINK performance thanks to moomoo.


Aristotle, an 18-year-old Singaporean, desired a new wheelchair. Aristotle now has a wheelchair that is custom-made to fit his frame thanks to moomoo. And Aristotle has already visited Universal Studios while using his new wheelchair.

All four children have serious illnesses. And Make-A-Wish is a charity organisation that believes “a wish encounter can be a game-changer for a child with a major illness”. Making children’s wishes come true in collaboration with Make-A-Wish is part of moomoo’s effort to give back to the community.

moomoo, a next one-stop digital financial service platform, made a donation to Make-A-Wish International at the end of October 2022.

“Make investing easier and less lonely,” has been moomoo’s mission. And children who are ill are likely to experience loneliness. Moomoo wants to bring more light into their lives and participate in their life journeys by partnering with Make-A-Wish.