Morgan Stanley Initiative to advance educational opportunity

Morgan Stanley Initiative

Morgan Stanley Initiative to advance career opportunities for underrepresented groups

Morgan Stanley Initiative – This initiative will ensure high school and college students can achieve stronger career and financial outcomes by partnering with partner organizations. Morgan Stanley announced the launch of the Institute for Inclusion’s (IFI) Equity in Education and Career Consortium. In addition to funding this initiative with an initial commitment of $20 million, it will focus on emphasizing the benefits of education and career development to young adults of low-to-moderate income backgrounds.

James P. Gorman, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley and Chair of the Morgan Stanley Institute for Inclusion, said, “With the launch of the Morgan Stanley Institute for Inclusion, we will continue to drive stronger economic outcomes for undereserved groups.” Further, he added that since we know that education is important as an instrument for addressing economic inequality, initiatives such as the Equity in Education and Careers Consortium can help to make a positive impact on students from low- and middle-income backgrounds.”

A consortium of partners with proven track records and a high level of excellence in supporting students in achieving better education and career outcomes is gathered for the initiative in partnership with the Morgan Stanley Foundation. These partners support low-to-moderate income high school and college students in the U.S., many of whom are attending college for the first time.

Susan Reid, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Morgan Stanley, and Director of the Morgan Stanley Institute for Inclusion, said, “We are investing in solutions that will improve access to education and foster social mobility more broadly for communities. We believe these investments will reduce racial inequities and improve financial outcomes over the long run for these students and their families.”

The goals of the Equity in Education and Career Consortium are to promote awareness, access, and advancement. The consortium wants to educate and expose students to job paths and career opportunities that may not be readily available in their communities; to broaden students’ skills and networks through training, mentorship, and coaching; and to provide a support system for them throughout their educational and career journey.

Morgan Stanley Initiative

Morgan Stanley Foundation President Joan Steinberg says that the Morgan Stanley Foundation has been committed to supporting diverse communities and young people of color for a long time. In partnering with the Institute for Inclusion, they are looking forward to investing in targeted programmatic activities with strategic community partners. This will advance the cause of equity and inclusion in tangible ways.

As Morgan Stanley Institute for Inclusion’s marquee philanthropic initiative, Equity in Education and Career Consortium is dedicated to promoting equity in education and careers for a diverse community. As part of Morgan Stanley’s efforts to drive superior outcomes for underserved communities, this latest initiative joins the firm’s portfolio of initiatives. These include the Morgan Stanley HBCU Scholars Program, which provides full scholarships to students at three prominent historically Black colleges and universities. We also have our Future Generation Scholars program in the U.K. As the program is rolled out, we will announce additional global partners.

In addition to our commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Morgan Stanley Institute for Inclusion brings together our employees, communities and clients to contribute to creating a more equitable world. In order to achieve the full potential of Morgan Stanley and create meaningful change within Morgan Stanley and beyond, the Institute for Inclusion aims to catalyze and accelerate a systematic and transparent approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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