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Nasdaq – An Insider’s Perspective on Improving Your Score


Nasdaq Perspective on Improving Score

Nasdaq – ESG ratings are crucial for comparing the ESG performance of various companies. How can your business interact with raters and rankers to make sure they are fully aware of the ESG performance of your business?

Nasdaq has seen a huge improvement in its most recent ESG Ratings score, moving from BBB to AA in the 2022 MSCI ESG Ratings. Institutional investors need the assistance of raters to recognize the ESG risks and possibilities associated with companies.


Using this knowledge, our distinguished panellists talk about:

The significance of raters and rankers’ participation

What ESG content should businesses prioritise and what factors do raters and rankers consider important?

When should businesses begin engaging, and how should involvement appear?

Engagement hints, suggestions, and industry best practises
How does the ESG investment perspective appear?