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New Holland Agriculture Delivers Tractors to Women Farmers in Uganda

New Holland Agriculture

New Holland Agriculture Delivers Tractors to Farmers

Twenty of the TT4.75 tractors produced by New Holland Agriculture, a CNH Industrial trademark, have been handed to female farmers in the Ugandan districts of Soroti and Katakwi.

Together with its local distributor, The Cooper Motor Corporation (CMC), the company is advancing the agriculture industry and promoting sustainable growth in the nation.

Important political figures, including Uganda’s Vice President Jessica Alupo, took part in the tractor handovers. The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the nation, as well as several Ministers to various associations in the Soroti and Katakwi districts, joined her.

New Holland Agriculture

Alupo presented the New Holland tractors to the Teso Widows Development Organization in Soroti, a 2003-founded organisation with more than 36,000 widow members at present.

The cooperative societies in the counties of Usuk, Ngariam, and Toroma in the Katakwi district were the recipients of the New Holland tractors.

This event demonstrates CNH Industrial‘s support for local growth in the future. We are strengthening contacts with the government of Uganda as well as the devoted women who support the country’s agriculture sector.