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New United Airlines flight school aims to diversify the cockpit

United Airlines flight school

United Airlines flight school aims to diversify cockpit

United Airlines flight school – To say that white men dominate the aviation business is an understatement. Only 5% of pilots are women, and only 6% are people of colour, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, in January 2022, one of the country’s leading airlines established a ground-breaking flight training programme in the hopes of increasing those figures. 
Dana Donati is the new Aviate Academy’s CEO at United Airlines. She is in charge of a flying training school geared to diversifying the aviation profession. Eighty percent of the initial batch of students in the year-long training programme identified as women or persons of colour. The Root spoke with Donati about what makes this programme special and what impact she expects it will have on aviation’s future. 
Despite the fact that other firms have built a career route into aviation, Donati says United is committed to guaranteeing diversity in the cockpit. “Having an airline-owned flight school where we can be more intentional about how we recruit pilots is vital to our goal,” she says. “Developing a flight school is nothing new in aviation.” 
The United Aviate Academy, according to Donati, is working with non-profit groups to help them attract a diverse pool of applicants.

United Airlines flight school

United’s Boeing 787 and 777 captains can make more than $350,000 per year. In the United States, however, obtaining a commercial pilot’s licence can cost about $100,000. The programme is already having a significant influence on its participants, notably Abby Awosanya, a 25-year-old first-generation Nigerian-American who aspires to be a United Airlines 787 Captain. Awosanya is shocked at how much she has learned in such a little time. 
Applicants for the United Aviate Academy must be 18 years old and high school graduates. A set of cognitive and personality exams, an online interview, and a pilot written test are all part of the multi-step application procedure. “It’s not a quick process,” Donati continues, “but we want to make sure we get the best people for United Airlines.” 
Donati claims that the programme gives social and emotional support to students in addition to technical training, including advisors who can assist difficult pupils. 
“At the United Aviate Academy, our mission is to make everyone feel welcome,” she remarked. 
“The more variety we bring into the industry, the more friendly it will be.” Despite the problems that people may face along the road, we want them to know that United Airlines is committed to supporting them not only throughout their training but also throughout their careers.”