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Nickelodeon Community Efforts – Aug/Sep 2022


A Slice of NiCE: Nickelodeon Community Efforts



Burbank YMCA and Nickelodeon

At the YMCA’s Social Impact Center, Spongebob Squarepants storyboard artist Pinkie Davis conducted a storyboard discussion and workshop for young people. Read more about this area, which is the first in all of California’s YMCA facilities, HERE!

Draw Together! utilising Lollipop Theater Network

The Patrick Star Show storyboard artist Amanda Texter-Donahue, a returning artist, sketched alongside children in six hospitals around the nation! The theme for this week was Spongebob and Patrick having fun at the beach, giving a clear nod to summer.


Wishful thinking

This past week, Nickelodeon helped make Felix’s desire come true! While Bran Vandergrift, Storyboard Artist on Spongebob Squarepants, sketched Felix’s request to be a client at the Krusty Krab helping Plankton steal the Krabby Patty formula, all of his favourite Bikini Bottom friends recorded a special message for him.

Draw Together! with Paramount Veterans Network and TAPS

NiCE organised a drawing session for T.A.P.S. family members in collaboration with the Paramount Veterans Network (www.taps.org). Alongside Jeff Sornig at Studio Learning + Engagement, Brandon Warren, Kamp Koral’s supervising director, and Emily Monjaraz, The Loud House’s prop designer, children enjoyed THE BEST DAY EVER singing, chatting, exhibiting their artistic talent, and drawing.

Draw Together! utilising Lollipop Theater Network
Zach Simon, Monster’s prop designer


during the Latino College Expo, Nickelodeon!

NiCE paid a visit to the Cal Poly Pomona Latino College Expo this past weekend and sat on a Booming Careers Panel where panellists discussed representation in respective fields.

With Lollipop Theater Network, Let’s Draw!
Let’s Draw! was led by Jasmine Reyes, a storyboard revisionist for Big Nate. The enduringly well-liked Mr. Patrick Star was taught to over 150 students to draw!