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Nokia Contributes EUR 1,1 Million to Finnish Universities

Nokia Contributes

Nokia Contributes to Finnish Universities

Nokia Contributes – Four Finnish institutions will receive a combined donation from Nokia of EUR 1,1 million to assist technological research, education, and innovation. Aalto University as well as Helsinki, Oulu, and Tampere universities will receive the grant. The Finnish government’s initiative to match industrial financing for colleges will increase the impact of Nokia’s investment. 
Donations to the four chosen universities help advance research in fields essential to Nokia‘s operations, including edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum technologies, as well as 5G and 6G. Nokia has a long and comprehensive history of assisting and working with the educational sector, for example, in a number of significant research initiatives.

Nokia Contributes 1,1 Mn Euro

Long-term research and ongoing innovation have been the foundation of Nokia’s 157-year history in Finland, according to Tommi Uitto, President of Nokia’s Mobile Networks and Country Manager for Finland. Finland can only maintain its position at the forefront of innovation and technology by making investments in research and education. With this gift, we hope to highlight the value of Finnish research and education while also contributing to the ongoing development of top-notch innovation and talent. 
There are about 6,500 Nokia workers in Finland. In Finland, Nokia has added almost 2,000 new employees between 2018 and 2022, many of whom hold highly qualified research and development jobs. Nokia brought on more than 260 additional employees in Finland in 2022. Every year, Nokia provides roughly 500 young Finns internships over the summer.