NRG Energy 2021 Sustainability Report: Investing in Our People

NRG Energy

NRG Energy Sustainability Report

NRG Energy – We understand that in order to serve our customers and communities, we must live up to our values. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of NRG’s Power Values. Every employee’s distinct history and voice are elevated by NRG’s safe and encouraging environment. Here, we work together to address complicated problems from a variety of perspectives.

Top talent acquisition and retention are important to us. We continually assess our employment prospects to make sure they’re market-competitive, but we also:

By eliminating resume information that can reveal a candidate’s gender identity, colour, religion, or socioeconomic background, you can reduce unconscious prejudices in the hiring process.

Adopt more inclusive hiring procedures at work, such as removing degree requirements when necessary.

To ensure incentives are correctly linked with company goals and to help us recruit and keep skilled personnel, we strive to offer competitive levels of pay and benefits when compared to peers.

NRG Energy

NRG and Prairie View A&M, a historically black college and university in Texas, collaborated to develop an initiative to promote the school’s engineering curriculum and give students opportunity for hands-on learning with NRG executives and subject matter experts from the business world. Recently, the mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering fields were included to this course option that focuses on climate, along with the fields of agriculture, chemical, and civil engineering.

One of the course’s main goals is to provide underrepresented engineering students with the business acumen they need to apply their knowledge in artificial intelligence and data analytics to real-world engineering difficulties, engineering problems, and business issues. These students also become candidates for NRG’s summer internship programme where they may put what they have learnt into practice first-hand through weekly interaction with industry stakeholders and subject-matter experts.

Our efforts to hire military personnel demonstrate our dedication to service members. In order to keep empowering people and organizations with energy, we work to attract, hire, and support veterans. The Patrol to Power programme was recently developed in collaboration with the Department of Defense (DOD). Patrol to Power, a DOD SkillBridge initiative, assists transferring military members into the civilian market while gaining essential energy industry expertise and abilities.

The Patrol to Power programme offers service members the chance to take part in a 12-week internship that will prepare them for a full-time position in the civilian workforce. Our mission is to assist transitioning service members in utilizing their military training and expertise to find fulfilling employment at NRG.

We are dedicated to creating leaders who can hone and put our plan into action while generating value for our stakeholders. Management works with the Board to find candidates for important senior leadership roles as part of routine revisions to its leadership and succession plans.

We promote a productive, collaborative atmosphere when employees feel respected, heard, and empowered on a daily basis. We are committed to enhancing the employee experience across the entire organization and developing internal talent for advancement. Our objectives are to create a sense of belonging in the workplace and to empower each person to be their true selves. However, as DE&I is a key principle of NRG, we think we have a responsibility to act and educate ourselves so that we can hold each other accountable.