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Only One Earth – CNH Industrial Environment Day

CNH Industrial Environment Day

One Earth – CNH Industrial Environment Day 

CNH Industrial Environment DayCNH Industrial implements concrete steps for a brighter future here, at home, and on our planet through its projects, technology, and research on sustainability. 
Feeding America® is a programme of the CNH Industrial Foundation. 
In the United States, an app to overcome a food gap has been developed. 
Through the free MealConnect app, CNH Industrial is partnering with Feeding America®, the nation’s biggest hunger-relief organisation, to make it simple for growers to donate agricultural products that would otherwise go to waste if they weren’t sold. The company wants to market the app with consumers, bringing technology and people together to reduce food waste and hunger, in addition to the over $200K USD in funding from the CNH Industrial Foundation. 
India’s air quality will be improved because to technological advancements. 
Stubble burning, which is one of India’s top sources of air pollution, generates up to 40% of particulate matter in the Northern Plains region and releases a significant quantity of harmful pollutants into the environment. CNH Industrial India is working with national institutions to establish a holistic solution for straw and crop residue management by offering agricultural equipment as well as financial and technical support. 
In 2021, 4,836 tonnes of paddy straw were baled rather than burned, resulting in a reduction of 7,326 tonnes of CO2.

CNH Industrial Environment Day

In Italy, being smart and sustainable is a must. 
In 2021, CNH Industrial‘s New Holland agricultural brand introduced the first “Smart Farm” at its customer Il Raccolto, an agricultural collective in Italy, based on its Energy Independent Farm idea. The farm uses telematics to collect agronomic data and runs a connected fleet of machinery, exhibiting the full potential of our brand’s PLM digital solutions. This collaboration will be critical in figuring out how technology might complement other new on-farm systems like anaerobic digesters and methane-powered tractors to build a truly circular, energy-independent paradigm. 
A farm that is completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, with its own BioGas and plans to produce Biomethane in the future. 
In Brazil, we’re working together and counting every drop. 
In Curitiba, Brazil, the “Cada Gota Conta” (Every Drop Counts) tournament is in full swing. This crucial water consumption contest was started by CNH Industrial’s facility in 2021 to urge employees to reduce water usage at home. In the first edition, entries were submitted describing a variety of modest measures, such as limiting shower length and utilising rainwater for cleaning, that resulted in a total water savings of 59,000 litres. This campaign is one of a series of initiatives the facility has implemented since 2017 to reduce its water consumption by 48 percent.