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An Overview of ESG Reporting Landscape

ESG Reporting Landscape

ESG Reporting Landscape Details

ESG Reporting Landscape – The world requires assurance that the energy sector is moving in the right way with regard to all environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges now more than ever. 
Chevron has been attempting to provide that confidence even before ESG reporting became popular issues. It has achieved this through a long history of involvement in social, political, and environmental issues.

ESG Reporting Landscape

What we’re doing to take the lead:

In order to hold ourselves accountable for our progress and allow our stakeholders to hold us accountable, as part of our work on the energy transition, we want to set the bar high for industry openness in our reporting on climate change. 
For almost two decades, Chevron has voluntarily disclosed greenhouse gas emissions from the business, including those resulting from the usage of our products. 
We published our fourth TCFD-aligned climate change report in October 2021. In 2018, we were among the first oil and gas companies to publish a report aligned with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). 
We also encourage initiatives to improve the consistency and comparability of climate data in public disclosures. 
As expectations rise and change, the financial sector is increasingly adopting ESG data to assess long-term value. ESG disclosures have established themselves as a viable way to meet that need for transparency.