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Growth Strategy of Owens Corning’s

Our goal is to design our goods for recycling or reuse by 2030, reducing their environmental impact across their entire life cycle, from raw materials to disposal. Owens Corning anticipates that the importance of balancing expansion with sustainability will become increasingly apparent during the next nine years. We’ll be ready to accommodate the need for high-performance products with little environmental effect. We acknowledge the growing desire for lower embodied carbon, which is already influencing our approach to innovation across the board. The necessity to expand the quantity of formaldehyde and fluorocarbon-free goods is one of the other key areas of attention that Owens Corning has highlighted for the near future. 
The extent to which Owens Corning addresses the trends that are driving our business is one way we measure our progress toward our sustainable growth goals. Looking ahead, we see these developments as substantial potential to grow while still fulfilling our 2030 sustainability goals. 
We currently see four major trends that represent prospects for long-term growth in the coming decade.

Owens Corning

Living places are now more valuable.

The global epidemic has shifted our perspective on home design, both in terms of functionality and comfort. This renewed focus on living spaces will continue to drive new home construction and renovation in the United States and internationally. Insulation is one of the most effective techniques to boost energy efficiency.

Demand for long-term solutions.

Homeowners are increasingly prioritizing greenhouse gas reduction, energy efficiency improvements, and the development of more renewable energy sources. At all levels of government, more strict standards are being demanded. Both of these considerations are pushing industry requirements. The European Green Deal Commission, for example, suggested that all new buildings in the European Union be zero-emission by 2030, and Owens Corning products might help achieve that goal.

Infrastructure investment.

Over the coming decade, we anticipate to see further improvements to roads and bridges around the world. We also anticipate that this investment will emphasize more long-term solutions, ensuring that investments are more long-term viable.