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Pepco and DC United Team Up to Make a Difference for D.C. Students

DC United

Pepco has teamed up with DC United to form a collaboration that will have a long-term impact on students in Wards 7 and 8. This cooperation, in partnership with DC SCORES, goes beyond normal after-school programs, providing a plethora of chances and experiences to enrich the lives of these young students.

In underserved communities, DC SCORES focuses on soccer and in-class arts. DC SCORES arranges public soccer leagues for elementary and middle school students, with the goal of achieving a vision in which every child, regardless of family income, has a well-rounded childhood and achieves academic and personal success.

DC United

We took part in a special event hosted by Raymond Elementary School’s Poet Athletes this fall, which included safety and electricity presentations from Pepco lineman Chris Baker, a truck demonstration where the students got an up-close look at what our lineworkers do, and some hands-on lessons. The poet athletes even tried on some of the gear that lineworkers wear on a daily basis. Did you know that top-tier equipment can weigh up to 50 pounds?

Following a live line demonstration, the group got to conduct their own experiments with a fun Halloween-themed approach, led by The NEED Project, which collaborates with Pepco and DC SCORES to improve energy educational opportunities for Raymond Elementary students by bringing creativity, STEM education, and community engagement.