Pepco Prepares Energy Grid for Winter Weather and Encourages Customers To Prepare Too


As winter approaches, Pepco is preparing the local electricity system by performing critical work to meet increased customer demand and keep homes and businesses warm and bright throughout the season.

The corporation is hardening the system and increasing reliability, as well as doing maintenance and inspections in advance of expected severe winter storms. This job includes examining almost 850 miles of overhead power lines and 200 underground manholes, upgrading equipment, cutting trees, installing new underground equipment, and putting stronger, tree-resistant aerial wire on the electric grid. Pepco is also continuing to deploy smart technologies to improve system reliability, such as specialist equipment that can automatically detect and repair problems.

“Our customers count on us every day to provide dependable energy that can power a safe, comfortable environment for their homes and businesses,” said Tamla Olivier, chief operating officer for Pepco Holdings, which includes Pepco. “Our teams are hard at work preparing and strengthening the local energy grid, making it more resilient to harsh weather conditions, so that we can meet that demand throughout the colder winter season.” We also encourage our clients to take proactive steps to prepare for potential winter storms and to have a strategy in place if bad weather strikes our region.”

Pepco encourages customers to be prepared for extreme weather as well, and offers the following tips:

Put together an emergency storm kit. Include a battery-powered radio, flashlight, first-aid kit, blankets, a wind-up clock, spare batteries, medications, a multi-purpose tool, and a list of important/emergency phone numbers.

Make sure you have enough bottled water and non-perishable meals to last at least 72 hours.

On each floor of your home, have a flashlight with fresh batteries.

Determine an alternate place for you and/or your family in the event of a prolonged outage.

Examine the manufacturer’s directions for safe generator operation. Connecting a generator to your home’s wiring is not a good idea. Never operate a generator inside or in any enclosed space.