Pizza Hut China Partners With Beijing Aita Animal Protection Foundation To Promote Stray Animal Caring and Adoption

Pizza Hut China

For the second year in a row, Pizza Hut China has partnered with the Beijing Aita Animal Protection Foundation, known in Chinese as “Tajijin.” This agreement demonstrates Pizza Hut’s innovative strategy to diversifying its business as well as its commitment to meeting its social welfare responsibilities.

Building on last year’s success, Pizza Hut is expanding its pet-friendly restaurant network to 20 sites in 17 cities across China, offering customers and their pets unique dining experiences. These establishments are meticulously constructed with pet-friendly features like as leash hooks and designated seating areas, guaranteeing a pleasant and welcome environment for all guests.

Pizza Hut China

This year, these pet-friendly Pizza Hut locations will be upgraded even further. Each pet-friendly restaurant will display informational posters about Tajijin’s adoption and donation platforms, improving consumer knowledge and building a caring culture.

Furthermore, these pet-friendly restaurants will remain active hubs for pet lovers, featuring a variety of programs that promote stray animal care and adoption. These include offline pet adoption drives and virtual adoption campaigns that promote the ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ slogan.