PNC gets MLT Black Equity at Work Certification

MLT Black Equity

PNC – MLT Black Equity at Work Certification

The Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), MLT Black Equity at Work Certification has been earned by the PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC). PNC is the first company in the financial services industry to receive certification and came forward as a launch employer in 2020. This achievement recognizes PNC’s ongoing, significant, and advantageous progress in the area of workplace diversity and inclusion. 
For employers committed to racial fairness, the MLT Black Equity at Work Certification is a crucial tool. It offers the precision, direction, and assistance companies require to achieve concrete results. Employers can establish strong, thorough plans to acquire certification in one to three years thanks to the plan review procedure. Additionally, the accreditation offers widespread recognition, allowing firms who make significant contributions to Black equity to stand out.

MLT Black Equity at Work

The achievement of certification shows that PNC is headed in the right direction, but this is not the goalpost, according to Gina Coleman, chief diversity officer of PNC. “We continue to be committed to making improvements. We must continue down the path of equity in order to improve as a business, employer, neighbour, and investment for the benefit of our workers, stakeholders, and the community.

The five pillars that make up the Certification are People, Purchasing, and Philanthropy:

Company Culture 
Business Methods 
Investments and Contributions

“To get Black Equity at Work Certification, one must take a thorough, all-encompassing strategy to improving racial equity. I congratulate PNC on attaining this milestone on behalf of MLT and I’m grateful for our long-standing collaboration “John Rice, the organization’s founder and CEO, states this. 
The two-step certification procedure involves a thorough measurement methodology, the need for strict action, on-the-ground assistance, and accountability for achieving and maintaining measurable results. Employers create a thorough plan in step one to advance in each of the five areas of the MLT Black Equity at Work Certification assessment. Employers have up to three years after the plan is approved to reach the required score to become MLT Black Equity at Work Certified. With assistance from Boston Consulting Group, MLT carefully built the Certification framework to find a balance between rigour and attainability. 
Vicki Henn, chief human resources officer at PNC, adds, “What gets measured is frequently what gets done, and we’re delighted to see that our results show substantial progress. 

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