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PSEG Welcomes Interns for 2022


PSEG internship of Year 2022 

PSEG is adjusting the way we operate to enable a flexible and hybrid work environment as the world evolves. The energy we provide is more important than ever because many of our customers are spending more time at home. 
Our employees, both today and tomorrow, determine our capacity to satisfy the needs of our varied customer base. Because of this, every employee at PSEG is pleased to support and develop the upcoming generation of business leaders through our internship programme for 2022. 
Current undergraduate and graduate students are used to choose all incoming interns. We take pride in assisting these students in acquiring the knowledge and abilities required to launch or advance their careers. 
While maintaining everyone’s health and safety, our internship programme offers a comprehensive PSEG experience. We will use the same approach with our interns, allowing them to be on-site and, in some situations, work from a remote location, much as our staff successfully use flexible and hybrid work.

At PSEG, As an intern, you can:

Giving back to the community through volunteer opportunities will allow you to experience the PSEG working culture. 
Join our Chair, President and CEO Ralph Izzo, for a private online roundtable conversation. 
Participate in online conferences and discussions with business resource organizations and company executives. 
To get ready for their future careers, immerse themselves in professional development activities including workshops, resume-building opportunities, and online training.

Our intern managers have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide an efficient programme for our new coworkers, and they will keep pushing for practical, project-based assignments and opportunities to ensure that every intern has the entire PSEG experience. The interns will make a presentation to management at the conclusion of their summer that will highlight the projects they worked on and what they learnt. 
We look forward to welcoming our interns to PSEG and are thrilled to offer our internship programme for 2022. We’re interested in how they Power Progress while they’re here.