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Employees at Quest Diagnostics Honor Black History Month: Desyra’s Watch List

Black History Month

Employees of Quest Diagnostics Honor Black History Month

Quest Diagnostics Honor Black History Month – Desyra is binge-watching Finding Our Roots on PBS in honour of Black History Month.

“Our family history is an important part of our human identity. The show unveils the rich and intricate familial stories of each guest’s ancestral background through DNA analysis and genealogy research. Slavery deprived African Americans of most of their ties to previous generations, rendering our family histories obscure and unavailable. I never get tired of the show’s amazing moment when African American visitors see their forefathers and mothers for the first time. The narrative of an unknown family’s sacrifice, perseverance, tragedy, victory, and courage is both a lesson in history and a storey of exceptional sacrifice, perseverance, tragedy, triumph, and heroism.

The event personalises, humanises, and illuminates African American history in a powerful way, while also giving guests a gift of connection to their ancestors’ secret stories.” — Desyra Highsmith Holcomb, Quest Diagnostics’ Leader of Inclusion and Diversity.

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