CEO of Qurate Retail: Promoting a More Sustainable Approach to Retail

Qurate Retail

Qurate Retail on More Sustainable Approach to Retail

Global challenges today are numerous and enormous. Business leaders must use their firms’ distinct capabilities and relationships to help their communities find innovative solutions that satisfy the demands of all stakeholders now more than ever. While there are numerous approaches to dealing with corporate responsibility, I’d like to describe how Qurate Retail Group has accepted this necessity. 
Qurate Retail Group has developed into a video commerce (“vCommerce“) powerhouse over the past forty years, reaching hundreds of millions of homes and devices worldwide with happy stories and intriguing products, establishing countless virtual communities, and fostering connections between millions of people and our brands. 
Our team is aware that our global vCommerce platform can inspire a more sustainable approach to retail that is purposefully inclusive, entrepreneurially-driven, ethically curated, and waste-smart, in addition to delighting our consumers and encouraging them to purchase with us. We have a long history of conducting business ethically. 
We outlined new strategies and established quantifiable, time-bound goals for our corporate responsibility programme in 2020 and again in 2021, concentrating on three pillars where we think we can have the biggest impact: Protecting Our Environment, Curating Product Responsibly, and Championing Empowerment and Belonging.

Qurate Retail Group

Our team has been putting a lot of effort into our corporate responsibility strategy, hitting some milestones early and significantly moving others forward. 
• We contributed back to our communities by raising $41.6M in yearly donations — the most in Qurate Retail Group history — and supporting more than 1,000 nonprofit organisations across the world that are dedicated to a variety of causes and challenges, including social justice, hunger, and health and wellbeing. 
• By highlighting approximately 100 diverse entrepreneurs through Qurate Retail Group’s Small Business Spotlight programme, a signature initiative that gives diverse small businesses national visibility on QVC®, HSN®, and Zulily®, we most notably elevated various voices.

• We joined the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index in 2022 (based on applications submitted in 2021), received a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2022 Corporate Equality Index, added new diversity training for leaders and team members, increased our Team Member Resource Groups to 39 globally, and more. 
• We expanded the use of sustainable materials at Garnet Hill and in high-profile QVC brands like AnyBody, zuda, and Denim & Co., assisting our customers in making ethical decisions. At QVC Japan, we debuted a new show on sustainable living in addition to the first Sustainability Shop from Zulily.

Responsibility is a long-term commitment with as many elements as there are stakeholders to serve and needs to be satisfied, as you can see in our second-annual Corporate Responsibility Report. I have found it beneficial to interact with other like-minded executives who are on the same path as I am the CEO of a huge firm. In order to lead my company for the benefit of all stakeholders, I joined the Business Roundtable and signed the “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation,” which was an agreement made by more than 180 CEOs. 
Together, my team and I look forward to continue on this journey toward a more environmentally friendly method of retailing, co-authoring a better future with our colleagues in the business, our clients, our team members, our suppliers, and our communities.