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Raigarh Implements Blockchain-Based Monitoring System for CSR Plantation Activities

CSR Plantation Activities

The Raigarh District Administration has made an important step towards enhancing openness and accountability in corporate social responsibility (CSR Plantation Activities) in the industrial sector. The administration intends to develop a blockchain-based monitoring system by combining NEAR Protocol’s platform and Airchains’ technology solutions. This system will allow for the tracking and verification of tree plantation projects, guaranteeing compliance with industry norms. The project will be implemented in two phases, each with its own set of functions and monitoring measures.

CSR Plantation Activities

Phase 1: Industry Onboarding and Data Verification

The Raigarh District Administration will focus on enrolling industries and confirming data relating to their tree planted efforts during the initial phase of implementation. By doing so, the administration will be able to create a comprehensive and accurate database of these corporations’ CSR initiatives. The blockchain-based monitoring system would ensure information transparency and traceability, making it easier to identify responsible industries and hold them accountable for their plantation commitments.

Aadhaar Tree for Data Tracking and Storage

One of the system’s primary features is the generation of a “Tree Aadhaar” for each tree planted. This distinct identifier will allow for the tracking and storage of critical data linked with each trees. The Tree Aadhaar will include information about the type of tree, its location, the time and date of planting, and the quantity of trees planted. This functionality will make precise documentation and monitoring of plantation activities possible.

Dashboard Login for District Administration and Listed Industries

The blockchain-based technology has a dashboard login function to enable easy management and access to plantation data. This feature enables both the district administration and the listed industries to log into the system and retrieve essential information. The district government may monitor the success of the plantation efforts and guarantee compliance with rules, while the listed industries can submit plantation-related data into the system.

Tracking the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Real Time

Aside from monitoring tree plantations, the software also offers a real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) surveillance tool. This tool gives critical information about the district’s air quality. The method intends to promote sustainable practices and encourage industries to contribute to environmental preservation by incorporating AQI monitoring.

Partnership for Development and Empowerment

The Raigarh District Administration’s engagement with NEAR Protocol and Airchains illustrates their dedication to using blockchain technology for public sector development. Arpit Sharma, Managing Director for India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, expressed enthusiasm for the relationship and stressed the administration’s intention to lead the way in India with this project. Collaboration between the public and commercial sectors will act as a spur for the successful implementation of the blockchain-based monitoring system.

The administration intends to use this system to assure regulatory compliance, encourage responsible practises, and contribute to the district’s long-term growth. The phased approach to implementation, as well as the collaboration of the public and commercial sectors, emphasises the commitment to continual improvement.