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Rayonier Pays Tribute To Generations Of Loggers


Rayonier has the honour and privilege of working alongside small, local logging companies. Many of these businesses have been passed down through the Rayonier family for decades. We take great satisfaction in these collaborations and value their common dedication to the sustainability and preservation of the area on which we collaborate.

We share the amazing stories of seven of these generational firms, highlighting their deep-rooted principles and enthusiasm for the timber sector. Join us as we pay tribute to the major accomplishments and extraordinary legacies that the logging industry brings from Washington state to Florida.

Scott Levanen aspired to be a logger like his father from an early age. Scott got excellent skills and logging experience while working alongside his father. He then saw a need for a local full-service logging company to help individual landowners maximise the potential of their tree plantations. In 1989, he formed Levanen Inc. with his cousin Mark to pursue this goal.


The excellence of Levanen Inc.’s services immediately became known among landowners. The company’s expanding demand necessitated the growth of its employees and equipment. This enabled them to take on larger logging projects. To sustain such development, Levanen Inc. expanded their services to include logging.

Scott’s father once told him, “Surround yourself with great people, and things will go well.” Scott attributed his success to the partnerships, employees, vendors, and clients he has worked with over the years as a result of this advise.

Scott currently owns and operates Levanen Inc. with the assistance of his two sons, Dale and Loren. Dale and Loren aim to purchase the company in the future, carrying on the family legacy.

Olympia, Washington-based Sevier Logging, LLC

Jeff Sevier and his son, Justin, own and run Sevier Logging, LLC. This well-established, third-generation enterprise has a strong logging history in the Pacific Northwest stretching back over 70 years. The company has earned a great reputation as a contractor for many timber industries due to its sustainable forestry practises and excellent logging services. Weyerhaeuser Company, Rayonier Forest Resources, Green Diamond Resource Company, Harbour Timber/Quinault Partners for the Quinault Indian Tribe, Olympic Resource Management, and government sales at Fort Lewis have all been partners.

Jeff took over the company from his father Paul in 2000, carrying on the family legacy. Jeff’s son, Justin, has been an active participant in the firm for the past decade, working alongside his father and planning to take control in the near future. “Working alongside my dad has been invaluable as I learn the ropes,” Justin says, prompting Jeff to smile. “I’m so proud of Justin,” Jeff adds. “He’s embraced a leadership role and makes sound decisions.” I couldn’t be happier for him!”

Sevier Logging, LLC is founded on responsible land management and is committed to environmental protection through sustainable forestry practices. The organization also prioritizes employee safety. Surprisingly, Sevier Logging, LLC has avoided any serious accidents.

DM Stratton and 3D Trucking, LLC, Jacksonville, Florida

The common name shared by Dillon Stratton I, Dillon Stratton II, and Dillon Stratton III is merely one of the similarities shared by the three generations of the Stratton family in Jacksonville, Florida. They’re also all loggers who have worked together in their family enterprises.

Dillon Stratton III, the youngest of the three, is the owner and operator of DM Stratton and 3D Trucking, LLC. Both enterprises have a strong family heritage, having been founded by his grandfather, Dillon Stratton I. The two enterprises collectively employ 18 people. In addition to overseeing the company, Dillon III serves as Vice President of the Southeastern Wood Producers Association. In 1995, Dillion II got the prestigious Florida Logger of the Year award. Dillion III followed in his father’s footsteps and received the same honour in 2022.

DM Stratton has worked closely with Rayonier throughout the years, efficiently managing various forestry crews in our forests at the same time.

Forks, Washington-based Dilley & Soloman

Dave Dilley began his logging career while still in high school. He realised at the time that this particular career path was his actual calling. It felt like a natural fit growing up in Forks, Washington, a region known for its gorgeous outdoor surroundings and the Olympic Peninsula. Following college, Dave spent ten years logging alongside his uncle, a Rayonier contractor. In 1987, he co-founded Dilley & Soloman Logging with Lyn Soloman. They had significant company growth when they worked together.

Mike, Dave’s son, joined the company while still in high school, working in the family business during his summer holidays. He decided to abandon his schooling and work in the business after graduating in 2000 and pursuing a college degree for two years at Washington State University. Mike has steadily worked his way through every facet of forestry operations over the years, witnessing the business shift and adapt. Tower and shovel logging with grapple vehicles, tilting shovels, and anchoring bunchers were among the notable changes. The company has encouraged and embraced innovation, which has contributed to its tremendous success.

Dave is optimistic that Mike will carry on the family legacy and achieve tremendous success after he retires.