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Healthy Home

Residents Living in a Healthy Home stay healthy

Healthy Home – About two years ago, the Coronavirus drove the entire world into chaos. The virus’s ability to spread through the air sparked interest in and worry about air quality. COVID helped to show how air quality and human health are related. 
Paul Scialla and Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media, had a conversation on current developments in healthy homes. The Well Building Institute, which oversees the WELL Building Standard to enhance human health and wellbeing through the built environment, was founded by Scialla. He is the CEO of the wellness real estate and technology company Delos, which he also created. 
Scialla notes that “humans spend 90% of their time indoors.” Indoor air quality (IAQ) is often 2 to 5 times worse than outside air quality, as is well known. 
Delos Photo Scialla continues, “If I gave you a dirty glass of water, you wouldn’t drink it. You can choose that. With regard to air quality, you are without that option.

Healthy Home

Scialla proposes employing local filters like air purifiers in addition to ducted systems to accomplish both spot ventilation and whole-home air exchange in order to enhance the quality of indoor air. By using a localized unit, viruses and bacteria are promptly eradicated at the source of the problem rather than having to wait for the building’s entire air filtration system to do so. 
Clean air should not be at the expense of energy use or carbon emissions. Many worry that boosting their filter may result in higher energy consumption. This isn’t the case today, according to Scialla, because modern and developing technologies have greatly improved air filtration and purification. 
In fact, according to Scialla, “we’ve seen and implemented technology that can get to a MERV 16 or 17 filtration equivalent with a MERV 9 pressure decrease in the HVAC.” These solutions address “both the filtering side of the story and the affects pertaining to individuals as well as the energy savings side of the story and the inputs as it pertains to our world.”