With its Student STEM Day event, Reuter-Stokes promotes technology innovation

Student STEM Day event

Reuter-Stokes promotes tech innovation with Student STEM Day Event

Student STEM Day event – Today at its worldwide headquarters in Twinsburg, Ohio, Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes company, presented a successful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) event for 100 Twinsburg-Area High School students. 
Cruz Pedregon, two-time winner of the National Hot Rod Association Drag Racing Series Funny Car race, made a special visit to promote the event’s theme of “driving technology innovation.” Pedregon used his $325,000 ‘Nitro Funny Car,’ which was sponsored by Reuter-Stokes, to provide a series of presentations demonstrating the cutting-edge technology used in Funny Car drag racing vehicles — technology that allows the cars to reach speeds of over 330 mph. 
“I’m passionate about STEM programmes, so meeting the students today and explaining a little more about the boundary-breaking technology that we’ve developed was a privilege.”

Student STEM Day event

“Like Reuter-Stokes, professional Drag Racing relies on bright individuals to create new technology that makes us smarter, safer, faster, more accurate, more reliable, and more efficient. It’s critical to invest in the future engineers, physicists, and scientists, as Reuter-Stokes is doing.”

Reuter-Stokes, which designs and manufactures sensors for nuclear reactors, oil and gas, radiation detection, and other businesses, lauded the event as a “resounding success” and pledged to repeat it in 2023.


The event’s interactive activities and demonstrations, which covered science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines, had a lasting impression on kids. A water balloon catapult challenge and panel discussions on females in STEM, young engineer development, and alternative STEM career interests were among the activities. 
“I’ve always been fascinated in how things function,” said Asia Howard, a Twinsburg High School student. It was fascinating to learn about how sensors are used around the world; nuclear power facilities could not function without Reuter-Stokes sensors! The hot rod was also fantastic! The encounter convinced me that pursuing a career in engineering or technology would be a wise choice. Thank you to everyone who took part.” 
Rod Martinez, vice president of Reuter-Stokes, said, “Our goal today was to open minds.” “I believe that by displaying how Reuter-Stokes technology truly keeps the lights on across the US and demonstrating the inventiveness necessary in a hot rod, we’ve motivated a few youngsters to seek a career in the STEM disciplines.” 

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