Reuters Webinar on Coordination of ISSB and CSRD: Streamlining ESG Reporting for International Businesses

Reuters Webinar

Reuters Webinar – Businesses are under increasing pressure to integrate, structure, and annually disclose their sustainability performance in an expanding global reporting market. This is especially difficult for organizations that operate in multiple jurisdictions, because comprehending the appropriate reporting duties can be difficult. Is your company prepared to effectively navigate the ESG reporting jungle and meet regulators’ and investors’ information needs? 

Reuters Webinar

Join us for this 1-hour webinar, co-hosted by Sphera, where we will clarify reporting requirements for multinational businesses. We will provide you with practical ways to effectively convert disclosure requirements into practice, with a specific focus on CSRD and ISSB standards. 

Hear from eminent lecturers such as: 

Sphera Senior Sustainability Consultant Anna-Stina Reuter 

Neil Stewart, IFRS Foundation Director of Corporate Outreach 

Dr. Sandy Smith, EHSS Vice President, EMEA & APAC Region, Sphera Moderator – Ahsan Azim, ESG & Enterprise Performance Management, SABIC 

Join us on September 6th for essential insights and help on navigating and unraveling the international environment of ESG reporting’s intricate rules and regulations. 

The following are some key topics: 

Learn how to assess your group’s organizational structure to find CSRD reporting duties and gain a better understanding of reporting exemptions that may apply. 

Hear key parts of the CSRD and ISSB standards and identify potential synergies. 

Learn how to do a double materiality evaluation. 

Learn about the digitalization standards for improving data accuracy and accessibility.