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Rite Foods Expands Footprint in Africa, Changes Slogan

Rite Foods

Rite Foods Expands Footprint in Africa

Rite Foods Limited, a major player in Nigeria’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, has increased its presence throughout Africa by selling its goods there.

The company’s managing director, Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, claims that this development has made it necessary to switch the organization’s slogan from Proudly Nigerian to Proudly African.

Mr. Adegunwa noted that the decision to update the firm’s tagline was made to reflect its present standing in a recent interview with a prominent independent and international brand valuation consultancy journal, pointing out that the firm continues to be a world-class and global brand.

According to Mr. Adegunwa, “These slogans are exactly what we are, but put into words, it shows our intention of expanding across Africa,” because “we have an indigenous brand that operates on the world-class stage.” He continued, “The importance and value of working on them are to ensure that we are improving the brand equity, hence the need for appropriate slogans.”

He affirmed that the premium quality of the company’s brands and flavours is due to the ongoing innovation used in the manufacturing processes, which are carried out in a first-rate factory with cutting-edge technology and a competent crew.

He claims that the company places a high premium on research and development since it has helped it create brands that are unmatched and top-tier in the industry in which it competes.

Rite Foods

To achieve the desired quality for customers’ delight, “we frequently do it with our partners and suppliers,” he said.

This explains why Rite Foods’ product portfolio—which includes the 13 variants of the Bigi carbonated soft drink, the Bigi Table Water, the Fearless energy drink, which comes in the flavours Fearless Classic and Fearless Red Berry, the five variants of Sosa Fruit Drink, as well as the Rite and Bigi Sausages—has continued to rule the market despite the fierce competition in the sector. Rite Foods’ ingenuity has won them numerous awards and accolades.

Additionally, the business is a leader in putting corporate social responsibility (CSR) practises into practice for societal and human development.

It is actively collaborating with several organizations to help environmentally friendly sustainability activities, particularly in recycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic collections and also in creating recycling facilities.