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SkysTheLimit.org Spotlights Two-Time Founder Tara Payne of “Mavens Meet” This Administrative Professionals Week


SkysTheLimit.org Spotlights Tara Payne of Mavens Meet

SkysTheLimit.org – As we celebrate Administrative Professionals Week, Sky’s the Limit spotlights Tara Payne, the founder of two firms that allow entrepreneurs the time they need to concentrate on developing their businesses and making connections that lead to success.

Tara founded Payne Creative Consulting Group to provide entrepreneurs with direct, personal, and expert General Administrative assistance. In parallel, she founded Mavens Meet, which began as a professional women’s support network and has since expanded into a digital platform that not only connects businesses, but also provides job and training options for professional virtual assistants.


“I was looking for a way to combine passion, purpose, and pay.” My parents taught my sisters and me to look out for one another and our community. I grew to appreciate this emotion and combined it with my concern for and compassion for individuals. “After years of being told I should use it to start a business, I finally realized that what I thought was just a “knack” for connection was a skill with the potential to benefit not only me but those around me,” Tara said.

“Sky’s the Limit staff and platform connections, including mentor Martha Zapata, have been extremely helpful.” They directed me to tools that helped me establish my business and stay motivated throughout the process,” Tara explained.

Tara is now a creative consultant, published author, moderator, and speaker.