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Sofidel – Papernet HyTech Seas Dispensers Win ISSA Innovation Award


Sofidel – Papernet HyTech Seas Dispensers Win Award

A 2022 ISSA Innovation Award was given to Sofidel, a top international supplier of paper for residential and hygienic use, for their Papernet HyTech Seas dispensers. Because of its commitment to environmental innovation, Sofidel received an Environment & Sustainability Award. The dispensers are made from recycled ocean plastic, primarily from fishing lines.

According to Giorgia Giove, Marketing Manager at Sofidel America, “This honor proves our dedication to sustainability.” “We are dedicated to producing goods that help protect our world now and into the future.”

The Papernet HyTech Seas dispensers from Sofidel are manufactured by converting recycled ocean plastic into an injectable substance. After that, the substance is shaped into extremely robust paper dispensers. 484 HyTech Seas hand towel dispensers or other products can be made from one tonne of recovered ocean plastic.


Along with creating the HyTech Seas dispensing systems, Sofidel collaborates with Ocean Conservancy and supported Costa Cleanup’s Third Annual Beach Cleanup Day at South Padre Island, Texas. In 2023, the company will take part in more beach clean-ups as part of its intentions to grow its relationship with Ocean Conservancy.

Fabio Vitali, Vice President, Marketing at Sofidel America, continued, “We are devoted to conserving our oceans and beaches to enhance communities and the health of our world. “We are committed to working with organisations to protect ocean wildlife, beaches, and people,” the statement reads. “We have developed strategic partnerships to help us do so.”

Consumers and businesses alike are increasingly seeking partnerships with organisations that place a high priority on sustainability, and they anticipate businesses to follow suit.