Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits 2022 CSR Report Showcases Company Achievements in Community Service, Environmental Sustainability, and DEI

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Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Southern Glazer – The world’s leading distributor of alcoholic beverages, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (Southern Glazer’s), today announced the release of its 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. Unleashing the Power of Our People is the theme of the annual CSR Report, which includes information on investments made to increase local and national charity impact, take the lead in environmental sustainability efforts, and continue to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The CSR Report showcases the dedication of Southern Glazer’s staff, who in 2022 planned 210 volunteer activities, donated 12,185 service hours, and supported 186 distinctive causes. This effect is due to VolunCheers, a grassroots employee volunteering and donating programme run by Southern Glazer. The company held its first VolunCheers Unleashed conference, the first in-person meeting of Southern Glazer’s VolunCheer Ambassadors, who act as local volunteer champions, and CSR and DEI representatives from strategic supply partners, in honour of this dedication to giving in local markets. This year’s report covers these and other community relations initiatives.

Southern Glazer

Wayne E. Chaplin, CEO of Southern Glazer’s, remarked, “Whether they give their time, personal resources, or skills, our workers never cease to inspire me with their remarkable compassion and generosity. “Their extraordinary commitment to helping others fuels the expansion of Southern Glazer’s charity impact year after year. Without a doubt, we’ll band together in 2023 to impact our communities even more positively and long-term.”

Reduced carbon emissions and environmental sustainability continue to be Southern Glazer’s major strategic priority. The 2022 CSR Report outlines Southern Glazer’s initiatives to create a standard and exercise leadership in order to improve sustainability throughout the wine and spirits sector.

At Southern Glazer’s, initiatives that raise awareness of critical social issues, celebrate different viewpoints, and promote greater inclusivity in the hospitality sector continue to be given top priority. The CSR Report highlights Southern Glazer’s efforts to engage underserved populations and offer educational programming about alcohol safety, underage drinking prevention, and DEI to students around the country in addition to internal initiatives.