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Southwire Launches Phase 2 of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Website


Southwire Launches Phase Two of DEI Website

Southwire is happy to announce the Phase Two launch of its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) website, which is in support of the company’s aim to create a culture that values and recognizes the importance of people from all backgrounds, equity in opportunities, and inclusivity in action.

The DEI website was introduced by Southwire earlier this year. The website highlighted Southwire’s current strategic areas of focus along with its DEI mission statement, notable achievements, and data for 2021. Since Southwire has long prioritized DEI, the website was developed in an effort to promote accountability and openness in this area. The website provided areas of concentration, external relationships, important achievements, and data for 2021.

With comprehensive webpages devoted to each of its seven areas of focus—Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Inclusive Recruiting, Talent Development, Suppliers, Giving Back, Advocacy, and External Partnerships—the second phase of the website gives detailed information about Southwire’s DEI strategy. This enhances transparency and gives users the opportunity to learn more about the company’s objective.


The foundation of Southwire’s DEI strategy is built on the company’s four core values, which are trust, empowerment, consistency, and inclusion. Southwire values diversity in both its workforce and the communities it represents and serves. This redesigned website provides a more thorough overview of the company’s values.

“I’m proud that Southwire has a long-standing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and we are excited to see growth in this space and continue to establish ourselves as a brand committed to those efforts,” said Brandon Moss, president of the company’s Tools, Components and Assembled Solutions (TCAS) business. “It’s fantastic that we can now share more information and continue to partner with our customers and stakeholders to drive meaningful improvements in the communities in which we operate through our DEI website.”