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Spotlight on Henkel Employee Resource Groups: Military/Veterans


Henkel Employee Resource Groups

The Military/Veterans ERG seeks to unite, encourage, and foster a sense of camaraderie among Henkel’s
veteran employees, spouses, significant others, family members, and supporters. The ERG establishes a forum for discussion of pertinent issues, engages in activities, and develops a channel of support for veterans (both active and retired).

The Military/Veterans ERG supports veteran coworkers at Henkel as they acclimate to the job at a time when the struggles of veterans are at an all-time high and builds a network for loved ones and supporters of veterans. The ERG lets veterans at Henkel know that someone is looking out for them by providing a secure environment for the group to bond through shared experiences.


The Military/Veterans ERG organizes activities that have an influence on both the community and its participants. A significant group discussion was held at Henkel to express thoughts and ideas following the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and in the past, members of the ERG and the local community joined to lay flags on veterans’ graves in Ohio. The ERG is committed to honoring the sacrifices made by those who served and helping veterans and their families as they acclimate to civilian life.

Veterans Day and other memorial days are important to Alex Betenson, an Army veteran and executive sponsor of the Military/Veteran ERG.

I personally spend the day thinking about my fellow service members and all they have sacrificed to safeguard our freedom because I come from a family where four brothers, including myself, served under the inspiring example of our USAF Command Chief Master Sergeant father.

Alex Betenson, Executive Sponsor of the Military/Veterans ERG and Director of US Distribution and Field Sales.