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Stc launches Mobile Podcasting workshop


Stc launched Mobile Podcasting workshop

Kuwait Telecommunications Company – STC, a world-class digital leader that provides new solutions and platforms to clients while enabling Kuwait’s digital transformation, has launched a Mobile Podcasting workshop in collaboration with the Kuwait Youth Public Authority. The initiative is consistent with STC’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) framework, with a particular emphasis on two of the program’s key pillars: education and entrepreneurship. The workshop is also an innovative approach initiated as part of the Company’s February celebrations of Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days.

The Mobile Podcasting workshop, led by social media and digital expert Hind Al-Nahedh, aimed to give attendees an input to story – telling and audio talk shows. The workshop covered the various stages of launching a podcast, including preparation and planning production and recording, and finally publication and advertising. Aside from the various stages of launching a podcast, Al-Nahedh demonstrated to attendees how to identify the target audience, effectively use voiceovers, upload and manage the podcast page via a mobile device, and other tips and tricks that can help aspiring journalists master their craft.

During the workshop, Ahmad Al Nowaibet, PR and Social Media Manager at stc, informed attendees about stc TV, the company’s entertainment platform. The platform provides a variety of entertainment features and programmes to help attendees learn more about Mobile Podcasting. Furthermore, Stc organized a number of contests for participants, with valuable prizes and free Stc TV subscriptions.


In a statement, stc stated that the workshop is part of the company’s social responsibility programme as well as the February celebrations. The first initiative in the Company’s February celebrations campaign was a professional photography workshop organised in collaboration with the leading online e-learning platform, dawrat.

As a digital pioneer, stc stated that it is devoted to empowering the youth of today by expanding their understanding of how to use today’s technology to tap into their creative possibilities. Accepting the public’s digital tools and platforms can positively influence the younger generation to pursue a productive path that will ultimately improve their lifestyles.

The primary goal of this workshop was to provide aspiring podcasters and journalists with the tools they need to create relevant and engaging digital projects. stc hopes to further its mission of fostering innovative thinking in culture and increasing social interaction through technology-focused initiatives such as podcasts through hands-on training workshops like these. In this regard, stc expressed gratitude to Hind Al-Nahedh.