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Students are prepared to thrive as adults in changing world by FIRST’s global robotics community

global robotics community

Students to thrive as adults in changing world by FIRST’s global robotics community

Global robotics community – Companies, governments, and organizations from all over the world are always looking for bright individuals with a strong background in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Many young people now have a clear path to fulfilling, influential, and lucrative STEM jobs thanks to the demand.

Some students, however, are missing out on these fantastic prospects because they haven’t thought about a career in STEM or haven’t met any mentors who can point them in the right direction.

A worldwide nonprofit organization called FIRST connects young people from the ages of four to eighteen with robotics-based educational opportunities and adult mentors in STEM fields.

Through team-based robotics competitions, FIRST, a mission-based robotics community, strives to spark children’s interest in STEM and gives them the chance to develop these skills as well as vital life skills like leadership and communication.

It has been demonstrated that FIRST helps young people enter STEM fields while having fun and forming useful contacts.

Global robotics community

Every year, nearly 700,000 students and 320,000 adults participate in nonprofit activities as mentors, coaches,
judges, and volunteers. The Disney+ documentary “More Than Robots” in 2022 highlighted the transformative power of FIRST programmes.

Students acquire confidence, teamwork, empathy, and resilience as well as problem-solving techniques—skills that will help them in their future employment. FIRST Team 4201, The Vitruvian Bots, is mentored by Fazlul “Fuzz” Zubair, manager of the systems engineering department at Raytheon Technologies, an American multinational aerospace and defense firm.

“At FIRST, this is a sport where everyone can become a professional. They may graduate from this school, find
a well-paying career, make a meaningful contribution to society, and help us address our difficult challenges,
Zubair told Upworthy.

“Raytheon Technologies is aware of this and supports both the program’s mentees and the students who participate in it. Through FIRST, we’ve developed a pipeline of individuals who are accustomed to working with engineers, giving them an advantage when they join our organizations, Zubair said.