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Sustainable Forest Management: Conserve and Restore Through Collaboration

Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management – Conservation & Restoration

Sustainable Forest Management – International Paper works together strategically to go closer to our goal of preserving and restoring 1 million acres of ecologically important forestland by 2030. Our established partnerships enable us to expand the scope of our sustainability initiatives for greater effect.

As one of the first five American businesses to do so, we joined the WWF Forests Forward project in 2021. A global initiative called Forests Forward works with businesses and other stakeholders to provide successful nature-based ideas for the sustainability of forests. We are working together with organizations like WWF and others to assist the creation of forest conservation goals that are founded on research and the restoration of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil’s Mogi Guacu River Basin.

Sustainable Forest Management

Through our participation in the Forest Solutions Group of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, we joined international efforts to promote the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration in 2021. In promoting healthy forest ecosystems, we highlight their crucial contribution to biodiversity, clean air, water quality, climate change mitigation, and the estimated 300 million people globally whose livelihoods depend on forestland. One significant way we contribute to this international effort is through our sustainable forest management techniques and reforestation initiatives.

Strategic Collaborations for Sustainable Forestry

•United States Bird Conservancy

•National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

•The Nature Conservancy WWF Forests

•Forward American Forest Foundation Arbor Day Foundation Celebrate Planet

•Earth Forest Solutions Group Forestland Stewards